Wild Life & Animal Reserves

Sri Lanka boasts of about 24 wildlife reserves, home to a wide range of native species such as elephants, leopard, sloth bear, the unique small loris, a verity of deer, the purple faced leaf monkey, the endangered wild boar, porcupines and ant-eaters. Reptiles encountered here include vipers and marsh and estuarine crocodiles. Among many amphibians endemic to the country are the Nanophyrys frogs in the hills. Most of the fish are river or marsh dwelling- the trout, introduced by the British are found in the cool streams of the Horton plains. Sri Lanka also an ornithologist's paradise with over 250 resident species, mostly found in the wet zone. Kumana and Bundala (famous for flamingos), Kalametiya and Weerawila , are the principal bird sanctuaries which are included in our Sri Lanka wildlife tours, enabling the visitors to truly celebrate the country’s amazing bio diversity. All wildlife reserves are for the protection of wildlife and plants though the categories differ. "National Parks" managed by Department of wildlife conservation are open to visitation. The largest National Parks are Ruhuna-Yala, Gal-oya, Uda Walawe, Wilpattu, Minneriya-Girithale, Horton Plains and Wasgomuwa. "Nature Reserves" provide suitable habitats for wildlife by allowing limited human activity.


Kingfishers in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Elephants Peacocks in Sri Lanka Crocodiles in Sri Lanka Bird Sanctuaries in Sri Lanka Leapards in Yala National Park