Rock fortress of Sigiriya - A mighty 600 ft high rock-fortress of the 5th century King Kassapa is famous for its entrancingly beautiful frescoes which are found in a sheltered pocket of the rock. Discover this wondrous location on one of our Sigiriya tours and marvel at the masterful execution of the sinuous forms of these women (originally 500, of which only 19 remain today). The old stairway to the top led through the mouth of a huge crouching lion, carved from the rock of which today only the paws remain. Remains of the handsome royal citadel are on the summit covering 1.2 hectares and the commanding views from the summit of surrounding farmlands, gardens and mountains provide a breathtaking experience. The climb to the summit can be strenuous, but it's definitely worth it. Standing on the summit taking in the magnificent views, as Kassapa would have done many centuries earlier, is an experience to cherish. Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this 200m flat-topped rock is not only one of Sri Lanka's most impressive geological formations, but also one of its greatest archaeological legacies with its natural cave shelters and rock overhangs. Without doubt, one of the most dramatic, inspiring and beautiful historical locations in the world and worthy of being called the "8th wonder of the world", Sigiriya will astonish anyone with its outstanding views across the plains, staggering engineering and wonderful atmosphere