CFH to develop Chinese market with a challenging approach marks rewarding success!

Revenue from Sri Lanka’s lucrative post-war tourism industry grew 32.2 percent in the first two months of this year to 161.2 million USD when compared with the previous year, largely helped by a whopping 119.2 percent boost of arrivals from China. Followed strong market analysis and forecasts, CFH has now commenced since early this year serious investments in the Chinese market with a challenging strategic plan in cooperation with one of their French partnerships recently establishing their offices in China with a brand new concept of attracting Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka in years to conquer. Already considered among top leaders of the French market, CFH has a great potential to develop a powerful presence in the Chinese market in cooperation with their counterpart as well as with their resourceful infrastructure locally and internationally.

Eco-tourism and classic version of tourism through a specialized amalgamation to create engrossingly memorable as well as refreshing new experiences to Chinese nationals when discovering the destination through expert planning & itineraries are the key ingredients to this promising brand new approach.

More updates to follow in near future to share the success!

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