Country Feeling Holidays (Pvt) Ltd, a specialised inbound tour operator handling French tourists to Sri Lanka, celebrated the start of their 10th Anniversary Year on 07th of Jul’18. It was held at their office premises in Rawathawatte with staff & families.  This wonderful evening commenced with “Seth Pirith Chanting” lead by chief incumbent of Lunawa Bodhirukkarama Temple Ven. Akalakada Sirisumana Thero extending all blessings of The Triple Gem. The celebrations were meaningfully planned initiating CSR projects on this day. A pack of dry rations worth LKR 5000 were distributed among 15 selected families from the area. In addition to this, few scholarships were presented to a group of university students supporting their education.

The 10th Anniversary Year was declared around 06.30pm by lighting the traditional oil lamp followed by the Anniversary Cake cutting ceremony and a visionary anniversary speech by the Managing Director & CEO Mr. Dilshan de Silva. He at the same time extended his sincere appreciation to everyone who have supported during this successful journey. All staff including the Directors, Senior Tour & Chauffeur Guides, and service providers from the Transport sector were present with families to share the blissful spirit of the triumphant decade of success.

An evening with lovely entertainment, CFH  colours all-around & a special festive Dinner provided all invitees a delightful experience.

“ Today, we celebrate 10 years of outstanding accomplishments from start-up to scale up. Of course, more celebrations will be there to justify the remarkable challenges faced and still ahead of us. Journey began with couple of clients at the very beginning. A vision different from others, utmost dedication & commitment assuring the higher standards, passion & true motivation of various individuals including a brilliant board of directors powered us to dominate the French Market in this industry and to stand where we are today as a leading inbound tour operator. It’s an amazing journey to see us celebrating 10 years of success, we have achieved this special momentum meaningfully & responsibly contributing largely to the industry through innovation & various initiatives on skill training & development. Many thanks to the incredible team that’s been so supportive & genuinely contributing from the start. I am so proud to be part of such an organisation with always a different approach moreover, looking forward to the next decade consistently being the best & dominant in the market……” added Managing Director & CEO of the company in his Anniversary message.

The genuine culture & vision of Country Feeling Holidays will last for more decades ahead dominantly in their market contributing vastly to the industry.


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Country Feeling Holidays officially unveiled the 10th Year Anniversary Special Logo on 05th of Jul’18 which is valid during a period of 01 year during which special celebration activities are listed including numerous CSR projects.  The special logo & theme “Journey Of  A Timeless Success” signify the decade of meaningful journey in the industry.

At the same occasion, official agenda of the victorious 10th Anniversary year day that was planned for 07th of Jul’18 was also disclosed. CFH Management & Staff celebrated this beautiful moment in office premises with a delightful treat…

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The management and the staff of Country Feeling Holidays bid farewell to pioneer French Speaking guide lecturer                                             Mrs. Amitha Dissanayake on 25th of Jun’18. She worked as a senior and a leading guide for more than 5 years with the organization handling many high scale missions serving the company as well as the organization with expertise knowledge of more than 30 years.

Board of Directors decided to honor her fantastic cooperation by presenting a medical scheme of Rs 5,000 per month for 2 years which will be a huge relief during her retirement.

Country Feeling Holidays always make every effort to deliver the greatest service to its’ customers as well as contribute to the industry at best of their capability with such missions recognizing great personalities. Throughout 10 years of successful journey, CFH has succeeded the industry with the top level of service while gaining and respecting the greatness of everything…

This is also as part of the 10th Year Anniversary Celebrations of the company & initiated through the project “Meaningful & Responsible Tourism”.

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CFH Team getting into Christmas Spirits….

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Wonderful Time of the Year……The Love for Christmas and Passion at CFH reflected through beautiful decorations…..!

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EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2016 FOR TOUR GUIDES held at Country Feeling Holidays

In 2016, Country Feeling Holidays celebrates 07 years of existence in the tourism industry as an inbound agent and they have initiated so many esteemed projects to celebrate this remarkable success. One of most respected projects was the “Excellence Awards 2016 for CFH Tour Guides” held on 29th of Oct’16 at their Moratuwa office with the presence of Managing Director & CEO Mr. Dilshan de Silva, Operations Director Mrs. Himalika de Silva & rest of the directors as well as staff.

On this day, they recognized the excellent services of 02 tour guides; Mr Ajith Premaratne & Mr. Dayaratne as well as Mr Arosha Wijesekara who is an escort, a professional tour guide to be. Selection was a very tough call since the organization has a very talented & professional team of French speaking tour guides working for them since years, however the decision was presented after many thorough analysis on their performances during 2013 to 2016. This ceremony appreciated the genuine hard work & added more value to their dedication as well as passion for the job. Mrs Amitha Dissanayake who is now enjoying her retirement, a pioneer in this profession, was also recognized during a function at a latter date for her extraordinary loyal contribution to the organization. Country Feeling Holidays mainly handles customers travelling from France with numerous well-established regular operations with a carefully selected team of guides & accompaniers.

It was a very unique mission appreciating the dedicated services of these individuals with a prestigious award & a cash prize of LKR 50,000 each. Mrs. Dissanayake was awarded with a special medical scheme of LKR 7,000 per month for a period of 12 months. CFH set the right example to the industry that tour guides play a vital role & the right individuals should be well taken care of honouring their professional efforts. Award ceremony concluded serving the invitees with a cocktail party that made the evening a wonderful moment of celebrations to everyone.

Excellence Awards 2016 for Tour Guides held at Country Feeling Holidays

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CFH XMas Celebrations 2015 !!!!!

CFH XMas Celebrations

CFH XMas Celebrations

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Tourist arrivals up 8.5% in April 2015

Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka during the month of April rose 8.5 percent year-on-year (yoy) to 122, 217, with more Chinese and Indian tourists visiting the country, data released by Sri Lanka’s tourism office showed.

Arrivals from India rose 34.1 percent yoy to 23, 048, boosting total arrivals from South Asian region by 17.7 percent yoy to 32, 907.

Chinese visitors to Sri Lanka in April amounted to 13, 790, up 72.3 percent yoy, more than half of the total arrivals from East Asia, which rose 31.9 percent yoy to 24, 292.

Tourist arrivals from Eastern Europe picked up for the first time this year by 7.7 percent yoy to 11, 675, probably signaling a reverse in the trend.

Russian tourists rose 7.7 percent yoy to 11, 675. But tourists from Ukraine fell 31.1 percent yoy to 1, 328.

The political unrest in Russia and Ukraine, two key tourism source markets for Sri Lanka, has been hampering visitors from the region during the previous months.

Tourists from Western Europe meanwhile fell 6.4 percent yoy 34, 964 amid arrivals from the U.K and Germany falling 9.3 percent yoy to 11, 233 and 21.1 percent yoy to 6, 423.

Visitors from France however rose 7 percent yoy to 6, 386.

Tourist arrivals from Middle East increased 3.4 percent yoy to 5, 484, with Saudi Arabia leading the pack with 1, 278 tourists.

Arrivals from Canada and USA grew 11.7 percent yoy to 6, 160 and visitors from Australasia fell 9.3 percent to 5, 325 amid less tourists from Australia and New Zealand during the month.

Cumulative tourist arrivals for the first four months of 2015 rose 12.5 percent yoy to 601, 055 – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/71615/april-tourist-arrivals-up-8-5#sthash.ahnihjAn.dpuf

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Vesak Commemorations at Country Feeling Holidays – 2015

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Tourist arrivals up 20 % in 2014

Sri Lanka attracted 1,527,153 tourists for the past calendar year recording a 19.8 percent growth year-on-year (yoy), with India, UK and China leading the pack, according to statistics released by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority yesterday.While December observed the highest number of visitors for the year at 178,672, it recorded the fifth lowest monthly growth number at 16.1 percent yoy.State holidays and travel patterns of the exploding Chinese market has contributed significantly in disturbing the traditional peak and off peak seasons of the calendar, while the decreasing demand from the Western markets has also weighed in.

December’s figures saw arrivals from Western Europe leading with 55,877, a growth of 13.9 percent yoy. Visitors from South Asia reached 45,089 with a 13.3 percent increase yoy and East Asia recorded 29,243 arrivals with an increase of 65.6 percent yoy.The UK market rose to 15,996 tourists with a 5.2 percent growth yoy, Germany t o 10,829 arrivals, with a 12 percent growth yoy and France to 7,134 arrivals with an 8.9 percent growth yoy.

Almost all other Western European countries recorded double digit yoy growth for the month, still creating a semblance of a winter peak travel season.
India provided the highest visitors for December from an individual country with 26,153 arrivals, rising 15.9 percent yoy, while the Maldives generated 14,092 crossings with a 3.5 percent growth yoy.From East Asia, 10,400 Chinese arrivals were recorded, rising by 120.4 percent yoy. Tourists from Japan increased 18.1 percent yoy to 4,041, and Indonesia by a massive 289.2 percent yoy to 5,184, showing signs of a new major tourism market.Arrivals from Eastern Europe grew by 6.3 percent yoy to 19,998 in December.

Russian tourist numbers were up 7.4 percent yoy to 9,279, against the predictions of some industry experts. However, most agree that there would be a huge downturn of Russian tourists starting from January due to a weak rouble, falling oil prices and economic sanctions.The Middle East market fell 24.3 percent yoy amid by the oil prices and socio-political upheavals. Tourists from Australasian region increased 1.5 percent yoy, while tourists from North America went up 6.6 percent.

For the year, Western Europe led once more with 429,007 arrivals, which was a 13.8 percent increase yoy.The UK led with 144,168 tourists, a 4.9 percent increase yoy, Germany followed with 102,977 arrivals, a 20.5 percent increase yoy and France contributed with 78,883 travellers, a 22.5 percent increase yoy.

South Asia followed with 370,299 annual arrivals, signifying a 13.4 percent increase. India remained the largest source country for tourists with 242,734 arrivals, a 16.3 percent growth yoy, and the Maldives came second with 86,359 arrivals, showing an 8.7 percent growth yoy.

East Asia grew by an impressive 53.2 percent yoy to 280,511 arrivals, and China contributed for near half of the figures with 128,166 arrivals, a 136.1 percent increase yoy.

Japan followed with 39,136 arrivals, a 30.8 percent growth yoy, and 29,558 Indonesian tourists were counted, a 68.5 percent growth yoy.
Eastern Europe sourced 154,153 tourists, marking a growth of 22.6 percent yoy, with Russia growing by 36.1 percent yoy and the Ukrainian market declined by 22.6 percent yoy.

Arrivals from Middle East grew by 10.5 percent yoy, North America by 10.7 percent yoy and Australasia by 7.3 percent yoy.
Meanwhile, the government has set a target of 2 million visitors to the country for this year. The slowdown of global demand and falling oil prices could have some impact in attaining the target.

However, Sri Lanka, as a relatively unexplored destination in the past 30 years could mitigate and attract curious travellers, balancing the equation.
Further, the increasing spending power of the Chinese could tilt the scales in favour of Sri Lanka, creating job opportunities in the services sector targeting China, specially with linguists.

The Chinese government appears to be persuading its citizens to increase their spending to avoid a global economic T.Chinese domestic spending as a share of GDP which is currently at 36 percent, is projected to increase to 50 percent by 2020 according to Verité Research.

Sri Lanka Tourism follows the UN standard of defining a tourist as “a person who stays at least one night in a country and does not exceed his stay period for more than 12 months”.

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