East Coast

Beach holidays in Sri Lanka are more than just the equivalent of the Maldives, with never-ending white sandy beaches, coral islands and shimmering blue seas, the east coast is distinctly different from the coastal areas of the rest of the island. Arugam Bay, famously known as one of 10 best surf spots in the world, is best for surfing from July/August when the swells are high and the wave breaks are thrilling. But it is not all about sun and surf on the East Coast. Explore ancient ruins and rock sculptures dating back centuries, untouched wilderness where elephant roam free. Two kilometres from Arugam Bay is the beautiful mangrove ecosystem of the Pottuvil Lagoon. The tour, by traditional outrigger canoe, lasts two hours and lets you get very close to the abundance of wildlife the mangrove has to offer. There are two national parks close to Arugam Bay. Lahugala is 12km from Pottuvil - you will probably pass t through it on your way to Arugam Bay. Near Pottuvil Point in the jungle is the Magul Maha Viharaya, a 2,000-year-old Buddhist temple that was reconstructed in the 14th century and contains ruins that include a palace and a monastery.