Travel to Colombo Sri Lanka, the commercial capital spreading itself along the shore of the Indian Ocean for some miles This is the place where business and commerce begin and end. A drive through the city will take you to Colombo's most fashionable residential district - the Cinnamon Gardens and Pettah, Colombo's busiest and most traditional bazaar area. You can also visit the Hindu temple with elaborate stone carvings, the Dutch Church at Wolfendhal dating back to 1749, the historic Devatagaha Mosque, and the Gangarama Temple. While the city holds less obvious interest than many other parts of the island, it's still a colourful enough place and worth a visit to see what makes Sri Lanka tick. A trading hub of the ancient times, Colombo has a vibrant mix of cultural influences including Malay, Chinese, Arab, Portuguese, Dutch, and British. The Fort and Pettah, originally built in the sixteenth century by the Portuguese and then further developed by the Dutch and the British, is today the main commercial hub consisting of the country's largest wholesale bazaar with a maze of by lanes and small shops; banks, and government offices some which are housed in old colonial buildings; Dutch period churches and museum. For shopping there is the nearby Crescat shopping mall with several fast food outlets and shops, ODEL, Barefoot, and Paradise Road.