Sri Lanka’s tourism arrivals rose 63.1 percent in November

Sri Lanka’s tourism arrivals rose 63.1 percent in November to 72,251 from a year earlier, while total visitors for the 11 months increased 45.7 percent to 569,849, tourism promotion office data showed.

Sri Lanka has seen a surge of tourists with the end of a war in May 2009. Visitors from Western Europe, the key source of revenue to Sri Lanka’s resorts during the so-called current winter season peak rose 61.7 percent to 35,594 during the month, while the total so far was up 50.5 percent to 150,161 from a year earlier.British visitors were up 54.5 percent to 9,788, Germans were up 41.6 percent to 4,862, French were up 127 percent to 3,232 and Dutch tourists were up 69.4 percent to 1,875 during November.

South Asia generated the next highest tourists, up 65.2 percent to 22,091. Arrivals to November were up 37.6 percent to 152,067. Indian visitors were up 77.3 percent to 15,50, Maldives was up 42.0 percent to 5,091 and Pakistan was up 44.2 percent to 982.

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