Tourism with a different approach – Responsible Tourism

In Nov’13, CFH invited 12 travel agents in France who feature Sri Lanka as a leading destination in their travel solutions. It was conducted in collaboration with one of their prime tour operators “PARTIR” in view of exploring the potentials of this magical Island to promote tourism with a different approach among French nationals. It concentrated largely on “Responsible Tourism” searching for various avenues to implement this theme in their future programming encouraging French tourists to undertake their holidays with more value added to their entertainment and contributing to community of the destination they discover.

They had the opportunity to experience a similar type of project when they visited “Pubudu” pre-school in the Giritale village to distribute school items to around 25 students. It created the opportunity to support this pre-school more meaningfully by contributing to complete the classroom which was only foundation laid. It was the dream of the village to establish proper place for their education in a more permeant manner available for these innocent children to enjoy their pre-school eduction with greater freedom.  It was then decided instantly by the group members to initiate a project worth of Rs.180,000/- partially funded by CFH as well to complete the construction of the classroom and rest of the basic materials. It was completed within a 45 days period after an extensive project collectively contributed by the families of the students and monitored by a senior staff of Giritale Hotel Mr. Thilak.

These photos justify the light of hope and happiness through a wonderful project thanks to enormous generosity and understanding values of “Responsible Tourism”.

Their precious experience will encourage many more projects through their future clients to sustain those who are in need while enjoying beauty and touristic values of the island.

CFH management and team are proud of this achievement and company will focus to motivate more in this nature with future tour solutions.

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