July’13 tourist arrivals up 9.5 percent

Tourist arrivals increased by 9.5 percent year-on-year (YoY) to 98,944 arrivals during the month of July.

Visitors from Western Europe accounted for the largest portion of total arrivals by region at 45,930, reflecting an improvement of  10.5 percent YoY.

Arrivals from the United Kingdom recorded a marginal 2.7 percent YoY increase to reach 14,005 arrivals during the month while tourists from Germany increased 40.2 percent YoY to 8,203.

The South Asian region posted a notable 24.6 percent YoY increase to cross 20,974 arrivals largely from India which accounted for 15,032 arrivals, improving 30 percent YoY.

The East Asian region posted a 17.6 percent YoY increase to reach 12,507 arrivals with Chinese arrivals increasing by 84.4 percent to 3,626 arrivals,followed by Japan with 2,402 arrivals, reflecting a marginal 1.5 percent YoY increase.

Notably, arrivals from the lucrative Middle East region dropped 49.9 percent YoY down to 2,751 arrivals during the month.

Meanwhile, arrivals from Russia,another market receiving stronger emphasis in recent times, improved 83.2 percent YoY to 1,792 arrivals in July. Total arrivals from January to June increased 12.5 percent YoY to 611,222 arrivals with Western Europe accounting for 242,282 arrivals, up 13.1 percent YoY while arrivals from the South Asian region grew 9.8 percent YoY to 146,588.

Over the period in review, the United Kingdom accounted for 69,291 arrivals, up 12.5 per cent YoY, followed by Germany with 44,900 arrivals,up 12.5 percent YoY and France with 36,590 arrivals , reflecting an 8 percent YoY improvement. Meanwhile,arrivals from India remained relatively flat at 99,013,against a previous 96,990 arrivals in 2012. The government has targeted 1.25 million tourist arrivals into Sri Lanka by the end of 2013.

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