Huwans – Club Adventure in France select Mr. Ajith Premarathne as their best guide with an invitation to a special workshop and training in France.

We have pleasure in announcing that one of our senior French speaking guide lecturers Mr. Ajith Premarathne has been selected with our consent to participate in the annual Guide seminar, workshop and training project handled by one of the leading French Tour operators called Huwans- Club Adventure who is among top 05 leaders in the nature/adventure based tour operators in France.

Mr. Premarathne with a great passion towards eco-tourism posses an absolute talent in this filed and frequently engages in handling the clientele visiting Sri Lankan from Huwans – Club adventure for some years.

This project will be in place from 24th May to 02nd of June’13 with 17 guides invited from 15 countries worldwide. We are very much proud to have one of our guides selected for such important initiative; it’s a vital recognition for the destination as well. They will be conducting various activities in few cities of France, including meeting the Huwans-Club Adventure staff of different cities, adequate training for carrier enhancements, exposure to language improvements and much awaited opportunity to discover highlights of France, meeting with guide professionals and sharing their experiences, working together with guides from 15 other nationalities which is a rare opportunity to exchange various ethnic backgrounds and it will open doors to build contacts in the same field who are internationally recognized.

This mission is well promoted by French media and Mr. Premarathne will receive multiple occasions to express his views and also to highlight the destination which is a mega boost to tourism industry.

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