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Christmas Celebrations at CFH

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CSR Project in Monaragala on 27th July 2013

Another successful and meaningful CSR project initiated by CFH recently. It was conducted in Monaragala with the supervision of Ven. Nanda Thera at the temple “Ran Giri Pawwa Daham Nikethanaya” to distribute 25 packs of dry food rations among 25 … Continue reading

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Special Award for “Best Chauffeur guide of Country Feeling Holidays” year 2011/12

In a mission to encourage and enhance the skills of chauffeur guides working for the company, initiatives were taken to reward the best chauffeur guide for the period 2011/2012 after carefully analyzing the guest comments and evaluating competences in various … Continue reading

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Huwans – Club Adventure in France select Mr. Ajith Premarathne as their best guide with an invitation to a special workshop and training in France.

We have pleasure in announcing that one of our senior French speaking guide lecturers Mr. Ajith Premarathne has been selected with our consent to participate in the annual Guide seminar, workshop and training project handled by one of the leading … Continue reading

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Vesak commemorations at Country Feeling Holidays

The commemoration of the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of Lord Buddha in the season of Vesak was observed at Country Feeling Holidays. A series of religious ceremonies were held in Buddhist temples in the course of the Vesak week … Continue reading

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