Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort

A luxurious emerald island poised amidst shimmering pools of turquoise and sapphire. A vision of paradise – even before you set foot on the island. Sprawled across the entire expanse of Meedhuffushi Island in South Nilandhe Atoll, 128km south of Male' International Airport, Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort never fails to create a breathtaking first impression, rivaled only by the experience of embracing the island's beauty up close. Blessed with pristine beaches and lush greenery, this unspoilt island boasts a treasure trove of gems that await discovery by every guest. The island is reached by a 35 minute picturesque journey by seaplane. Vilu Reef holidays provide visitors with delightful accommodation in individual stylish conical beach villas set on or by the beach amongst tropical gardens for maximum privacy. Vilu Reef holidays are blessed with superb beaches on both sides of the island. In common with most holidays in the Maldives the sand here is strikingly pure and white.



You'll be pampered from top to toe with the suite of amenities and warm, personalized service, whether staying in one of 20 Garden Villas, 60 Beach Villas, 35 Jacuzzi Water Villas or 5 Honeymoon Water Villas. If the occasion calls for, our prestigious Presidential Water Suite will undoubtedly transform your stay here into the holiday of a lifetime. Garden Villas are simple yet stylish, these semi detached rooms are built within the landscaped gardens of the resort, equipped with all modern amenities. Inspired by the tranquil perfection of nature, each villa is distinguished by its circular architecture and spiral roof modelled after the renowned Nautilus shell. The same attention to detail and celebration of beauty and harmony permeate every aspect of the villa. Jacuzzi Water Villas bask in the warm embrace of the sun as the gentle lapping of waves lull you into blissful oblivion. Inside, you'll be equally delighted with our array of amenities, from a sumptuous four-poster king-sized bed to a generous sitting area appointed with custom made teak furniture. For an intimate getaway with all the comforts and luxuries of the privileged few, look no further than the five Honeymoon Water Villas – an exclusive haven nestled within this island paradise. Indulge in the height of luxury in our sole presidential water suite, a sumptuous retreat at the far northern end of the resort where the two footbridges meet. An exquisite balance of modern design and traditional Maldivian architecture, this suite will transform your stay into something quite spectacular.


Nautilus Restaurant is a glorious buffet that awaits you each morning, the island's main restaurant. After an adventure of sun, sand and sea, it's also the ideal place to recharge with the array of western and oriental selections, before you fill the rest of your day with even more fun and excitement! Sunset Restaurant serves fresh fish and seafood straight off the ocean, as well as Thai and other Asian specialties, it promises to go beyond tantalizing your taste buds as you savour each bite on the open-air deck overlooking the lagoon and ocean, the splendour of nature's beauty all around you will transform your meal to into an experience altogether heavenly. Nautilus Bar kicks off your heels, sinks your toes into the soft, warm sand and leave all your cares behind! In this rustic hideaway, time comes to an absolute standstill as you sip one of our bartender's delightful concoctions amidst the hypnotic rhythms of the bodu beru and the rousing cheer of supporters at an exhilarating game of crab racing. Pool Bar takes a well-deserved break and lounge by the poolside with an invigorating cocktail or an ice-cold glass of tropical fruit punch. Whether you choose the balmy shade of a coconut tree or the warm embrace of the sun, you'll enjoy a restful moment with spectacular views of the lagoon and the ocean.

Facilities and other features

The Sun Spa

The Sun Spa includes five massage pavilions, three of which are open air with flower baths and open air showers. A separate section houses our manicure and pedicure salon. Encompassing the Five Element Theory; Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth & Water and the healing practices of traditional Ayurveda, each spa experience takes you on a journey through the cycle of nature, a holistic approach to health and wellness derived from time tested and traditional treatments.

Diving & Snorkeling

With astounding visibility – sometimes even exceeding 50m – every turn unveils new treasures and secrets hidden to the rest of the world. Gliding along, you'll be mesmerized by the myriad colours and varieties of underwater life, or you might even chance upon lonely caves and ancient shipwrecks. And with Maldives' invitingly warm waters all year round, we're sure that, like the rest of the guests, you'll soon be back for more. Vilu Reef has many spectacular dive sites nearby promising a splendid dive adventure.

Water Sports

Slice the waves aboard a catamaran, or get closer to the elements for a powerful, exhilarating ride on your water ski. When you've conquered the sea, try your hand at kite surfing – all it takes is a leap of faith before you'll be soaring through the vast expanse of sky. They have a swimming pool that welcomes both serious swimmers and those who merely want to relax and bask in the sun. Alternatively you can try your hand in a game of water polo. Many more fabulous choices to discover during your stay at Vilu Reef.


Imagine being splashed by a school of playful dolphins, or coming face to face with magnificent corals and sea creatures while snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Experience the thrills of traditional hand-reel fishing aboard a motorized dhoni and savour the sweet taste of success as our chef prepares your day's catch to perfection. Our selection of half and full day itineraries also includes a leisurely, romantic sunset cruise, as well as island hopping tours that take you from a secluded desert island right into the heart of a charming Maldivian fishing village.

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